Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stories and testimony

Ugh hubby says when someone asks how im doing I shouldn't go into this long story. Well its not a story its my testimony I told him. I have come so far that im so happy about whats goin on in my life I hate MS yes I have more bad days than good. But today is better than It was yesterday. Im gonna have to pray for his attitude
All I said when asked by a cousin that was visiting us today how I was doing. I said wow few months ago I had a relapse and I was falling at times the doc put me on steroids and after I finished the steroids I have been walking better than I have in 5 years so between God and my docs and medicines im doing real well. Hubby had this look on his face like shut up already. So I asked him just now he said its because u talk too long he said he heard me tell the same story Sunday at the comedy club. I said well my testimony is long I can't shorten what God has done for me. Ugh last year he said I didnt have faith lol now I have too much faith. Go figure

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