Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stories and testimony

Ugh hubby says when someone asks how im doing I shouldn't go into this long story. Well its not a story its my testimony I told him. I have come so far that im so happy about whats goin on in my life I hate MS yes I have more bad days than good. But today is better than It was yesterday. Im gonna have to pray for his attitude
All I said when asked by a cousin that was visiting us today how I was doing. I said wow few months ago I had a relapse and I was falling at times the doc put me on steroids and after I finished the steroids I have been walking better than I have in 5 years so between God and my docs and medicines im doing real well. Hubby had this look on his face like shut up already. So I asked him just now he said its because u talk too long he said he heard me tell the same story Sunday at the comedy club. I said well my testimony is long I can't shorten what God has done for me. Ugh last year he said I didnt have faith lol now I have too much faith. Go figure

Monday, April 21, 2014

Parking Problems

Wow I had a crazy handicap spot convo with a man today. Wish u all could have been there boy did I school him after questioning me about why I was using a handicap spot. Hehe he was mad when he started talking when we were done he had a better understanding about MS and life.
Someone had rear ended him 17 years ago paralyzing him from waist down he was still mad and wondered when he would understand the reason why it all happened to him. He said people always tell him everything happens for a reason, but he says he doesn't understand that because there can't be any good reason for his accident. I told him you are alive focus on that and then go from there or u could spend your whole life mad and asking why. I said I didnt ask for this shit I would love to not have a disability and just park and run from a further spot but thats not my life anymore I have to do what I can and parking closer is better for my body especially on hot days because I may walk into the place im going to just fine but then when im done walking around in the place I may go outside and if it's too hot my legs may decide they don't want to make it all the way to the car because they are weak because now I have been overheated which in MS is called an intolerance to heat. Any way told him my whole story he felt bad. But it was a cool convo. We talked bout 30 min even compared symptoms he was suprised I also had PN like him and spasticity and that we were on baclofen and gabapentin and I said my medicine cabinet knows im disabled he laughed. His car was so nice I wanted to be a smart mouth and think like he did when he first saw me trying to get into my car (him in his car waving at me and saying that's a handicap spot you took) and say wow I guess u got a huge settlement hehe but thats not me but hey I thought it lol I got home and was mad I didnt get his info seems he needs a friend. Would be nice just to be there for him to rant we need that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today was a good day

Today was a good day until I went in the dressing room to try on a cute outfit and well all I see is bruises on my legs ugh guess I will be in Capri pants all summer on a good note I was happy I could shop for 30 min without the fatigue hitting too hard. Keep doin what you CAN all.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baby Girls day MS in timeout :)

Had such a good time a couple of weeks ago i met up with girlfriends that I had met in an MS chat room called MS is BS about 3 years ago from the first day we met online we just clicked. Its hard to find someone that understands exactly what your goin through when dealing with a chronic illness but wow I have found 5 people that get ME and get MS. We decided we would do a baby girl photo shoot and it was fun. The hubbies were able to meet for the first time and the kids got to know each other and even roasted marshmallows. MS=Meeting Sensational people. We have met up a few times since we first met 3 years ago but I think they would all agree this day was one of the best.
This is just an example of the photos we took
The pic of us without the baby girl shirts is a pic of the first time we met.  Haha we make MS look good. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tennitis an annoying part of my MS

Wow nice and quiet. The tennitis (pinging noise is my ears) was bout to have me screaming so glad its gone for a few. #MSAWARENESS month. Only a small percentage of people with MS have this symptom even those without MS have tennitis. So u may know what im talking about. Mine gets real loud sometimes that's when its the most annoying. At times its just ringing or high pitched buzz then it for me it may also sound like someone is bouncing a basketball or a washing machine swishing water around. Flonase helps weird that something you spray in your nose can help with a problem in your ears caused by lesions on your brain.
Info I found online pasted below

How is Tinnitus Treated?

Multiple sclerosis is just one of many conditions that could contribute to tinnitus. But the real question is how ringing in the ears can be treated to relieve this recurring discomfort. If tinnitus has resulted from MS, it is likely that healthy nerves have been destroyed to cause the symptom. In some cases, nerves in the brain may have been affected to signal the brain to hear ringing. Treating ringing in the ears related to multiple sclerosis is difficult since it is hard to detect the problem early on. Once diagnosed, there is no set treatment for the disorder; a doctor may focus on managing symptoms instead.

Is Tinnitus the Sign of a Multiple Sclerosis Relapse?

It is a possibility. If you are suddenly experiencing hearing issues, it could signal a relapse of your condition. Hearing problems triggered by MS have also been linked to heat exposure, in some cases. If you suspect that ringing in the ears is a multiple sclerosis relapse, it is important to consult your doctor right away. A relapse may indicate a new lesion on the brain or spinal cord that requires medical attention.

If your doctor isn't able to provide any answers to ringing in the ears caused by multiple sclerosis, it may be worthwhile to seek out a specialist. Some neurologists believe that tinnitus has nothing to do with MS. In this case, it may help to consult an Ears, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist to determine the cause of the condition. Over time, ringing in the ears is likely to resolve, but medical help can provide comfort if the issue is severe.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Thinking about my life the last 5 years. I went a month no walking after a relapse in 2006 had 7 months of balance training etc I am more than grateful I can still walk unassisted for the most part. I have watched friends with MS not get the chance to walk again and have been there for them every step of the way. I also have friends with MS that I have had to read things for them because their vision never came back to normal unlike mine theirs is still more double than normal. I went to a concert recently now picture this I cant dance but I stood up and danced as much as I could I was laughed at a little but I danced because I could and knew there were so many that wished they could still clap let alone stand up and then also dance so I danced for us all as my husband laughed not realizing how important that was to me. I didnt get mad because I said to myself if ever I cant physically dance I know that day I did make him laugh.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My mommy has MS

Woke up today lil fatigued but I paced my day just right took a nap for an hour and a half then I was ready for round two the 12 year old got out of school early today those days are always the hardest for me fatigue wise but I had cleaning activities to keep him busy while I just relaxed. Hubby made dinner now off to martial arts class with the pre-teen. I feel refreshed since I have only been up and busy for 4 hours. Hope everyone's day was paced well and they were able to get done what needed to be done without too many symptoms.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Parents Day Out in spite of MS

5 Years #flipagram made with @flipagram Music: Pharrell Williams - Happy (from "DespicabWilsonle Me 2")
the pic of me in the drivers seat before hitting the road to Los Angeles to see Charlie Wilson and Keith Sweat. For a few i forgot about. MS and PN o and TN well that was until i tried a wine cooler oops forgot i cant drink alcohol anymore it woke up every nerve in my body.o well i am learning to have fun at events where everyone else is feeling a little good because they had a nice lil drink before going to a concert the funny thing is i cant dance but then i thought who cares shoot these people just dont know im glad to still be standing on my own two feet though off beat i still danced for myself and my fellow MS warriors that no longer have the ability to stand, walk or let alone dance. I danced for us all. Wearing my baby girl shirt i got from shemar moore web site