Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Days

Been having some really good days sometimes only 3 out of 12+ symptoms show up. Then there are the bad days. The migraines I have lived with the past 22 years have returned I'm taking my meds for then making them a lil easier to deal with. I recently went through 3 weeks of dizziness doc said it was my MS my left eye had some pressure so I'm assuming it was the ON acting up again because when one eye is a lil off it throws my head into a tailspin. The TN has gotten worse I see my neuro next month and I have my list of questions for her I am not taking the norco every 4 hours for the pain along with the baclofen, 3,000mg Gabapentin and the Depkote all this makes things a lil better but playing a game of pinball with my 10 year old seems to keep my mind off things. I'm very excited because tomorrow I will be going to the live taping of The Talk of which Jack Osbourne will b a guest he has newly been diagnosed hope to be able to share my story with he and the other staff members