Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tonight is the night

Kinda can't wait for the results of the follow up MRI. I go in the tube tonight will be taking my Ativan as to calm me down so I don't beat the mess out of the walls once I'm slid in. On our way there I felt a little nauseous and clammy never felt like this before o well Mabe it was my cooking so we trucked on to my MRI got there I was fine until they called my name then all heck broke loose. Mam can u lay back and close your eyes me "ok" shortly after me "um wait I gotta get up my nose inches " tech ok well u don't have to do this it will be long and u will be in there awhile. Me "ok well can I call u if I need u?". Tech yes sure I will let u out. Well guys I did it its over and from now on I will say yes iam claustraphobic I don't ever want to do that again blah now the wait is on for results 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


To start off my day I got bad news my oldest did not do well at his big track meet he loves track and right now his heart is broken and there is nothing I can do to fix it. On the other hand our cousin that had bone cancer and had the cadaver bone put in her leg has been given the ok to get back on the soccer field no games but she can practice. :) MS wise Wow I was so fatigued today. I went to a birthday party yesterday I think I did too much I was the old me for a few hours. I took pictures somethin I used to do everyday it was so much fun feelin normal again and I knew I would pay for it today my body is killing me I rested all day today that helped some but now I'm walking weird well a lil drunk and my eyes feel weird so I will use tomorrow to rest again. I hope you are all staying well and rested.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A day in the life

Today was kinda nice only a few symptoms got on my nerves so for that I am thankful. On the other hand my 10 year old is spoiled rotten so Im working to unspoil him and this mess is hard Me "Clean your room" Quincy "so you want me to put up everything" Me " What part of clean do u not understand" wow being a mom is so much fun then add the fatigue of MS to that and wow what a job I have the oldest on the other hand has another track meet tomorrow please pray for him that he runs faster than his fastest time.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

lab results

Vit D level went up from 17-19 but still not normal doc will let me know if she's prescribing the 50,000IU again or what's next ugh I can never get this mess to normal level and with the heat intolerance it's very hard because im inside all day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New day new symptom

My neck has been burning for the past few weeks tonight is real bad. I took a 4 hour nap today u would think I would feel rested but no so fatigued. I have been scheduled for my MRI follow up of my brain and spine hoping the results show no progression.

Monday, January 23, 2012

follow up visit

saw the neuro today you know thay did all the normal evaluations had me walk the line, put my arms straight out in front of me went over my list of new symptoms since last visit in june, ordered my follow up MRI of the brain and spine. I have been prescribed baclofen for the cramps in my calfs and my hands I hope this helps because the cramps are messing with my sleep schedule. I ran into people I used to work with today 5 of them to be exact and wow slap in the face seeing them in their uniforms and me in plain clothes just not supposed to be how it is. But hey I have been off work over 2 years now I gotta take care of me , it still hurts seeing them and thinking of how I used to work and the fun we had together goin to lunch, christmas parties, pay bonuses.  It was a busy day I also had my mammo (ladies go out and get it done).

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have had calf cramps the last few weeks doc increased the norco to help and it has helped only one problem I now have thigh cramps so weird. I'm not letting it stop me my god sons bday party is today and me and my lil guy are goin to party. My oldest has a big track meet today I pray God gives him wings and he flies past that finish line. So far 4th place in the 400meters. He's got to run faster to earn more money next year please pray for him. Thanks

Thursday, January 19, 2012


My youngest advanced in martial arts and received another A on his science test. My oldest is enjoying his Jr year in college. Hubby is takin me to dinner Friday,My body is feelin a lil better. In spite of MS I am happy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Story to be continued

Feelin weird today

My eyes feel like they are crossed when I get up to walk I feel dizzy and nauseated last time this happened it was my optic nerve I hope it doesn't last more than 24 hours because I don't want another relapse I don't want the steroid weight gain. Saw the doc says it's nerve pain in my hands and calfs increased the dose of norco will see what happens. I feel so bad I don't want to eat and I love food cant wait to feel better.

The diagnosis

Diagnosed with MS 2009 after years of symptoms
Then July 2009 right when things
Seemed like they were so perfect
My oldest had graduated high school and was set to go off to college
My youngest was enjoying an active mom
I woke up one day feeling dizzy
Then my eyes felt like someone had put Vaseline on them and it was so cloudy I could barely see what I could see was double
But being the strong me that I am I was like wow this is weird but I probably just have the flu
Then my hearing in my right ear was gone things sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown was talking to me
It helps to have a partner, a caregiver and a friend
I still wasn’t sure so I just layed in bed all day
Next my right side of my body went numb I thought o shoot a stroke huh what no not me not now I was only 37 years old
Went to see my doctor he says well we have to do some tests.
He called my husband and I at home and says “I need you to come into the office”
We were just coming up on 20 years of marriage everything was in order the way we had planned.
So we go in and he says well it’s “MS” Multiple Sclerosis
I am Bipolar have Chronic Fatigue and MS
Having a strong support system has helped me stay strong in this fight to stay in control of MS instead of letting it control ME.
MS has taken away so much but it will not steal my JOY

My Meds

I started with betaseron the first year kept having progression so doc switched me to Copaxone then copaxone with IV steroids for 6months to end a relapse

Sunday, January 15, 2012

ME Poem

is it me or do u not see
Is it me or can I be imagining this
Is it me or did my life change in an instant
Is it me or did I really retire at age 40
Is it me or is it wrong for me to ask for 30 min of ur time no I'm not dying but I do feel every moment is a gift
Is it me or if I had an illness that ended in death would there be more awareness made
Is it me or is the burning ever goin away
Is it me or is there a snake wraped around my chest squeezing me til I feel I can't breath
Is it me or am I really walking on pins and needles
Is it me or does my neck really snap crackle POP like rice crispies but painful
Is it me or do I really need a handicap spot to park
Is it me or do I have to avoid heat and cold
Is it me or are there more bad days than good.
Is it me or is the ground really saying hello to me today
Is it me or am I too strong for this disease for others to realize how much I hurt
Is it me or has a CURE for MS been found yet???


At age 40 I retired from my dream job as a medical assistant of 15 years. MS effected my cognative thinking and dexterity which interfered with my work

My symptoms

My symptoms

Eye pain
Facial pain
Leg pain
Numbness hands
Burning legs
Chest tight
Neck pain
Head pain
No sense of touch
Temp sensitivity
Back pain
Stabbing pains
Feel disconnected emotionally
Uncontrollable laughing or crying
Hurts to brush teeth
Hurts to eat sometimes skip meals or eat just soft foods
Leg weakness and spasticity
Neck pain
Hands shake after fine motor repetitions
Eye tremors