Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tonight is the night

Kinda can't wait for the results of the follow up MRI. I go in the tube tonight will be taking my Ativan as to calm me down so I don't beat the mess out of the walls once I'm slid in. On our way there I felt a little nauseous and clammy never felt like this before o well Mabe it was my cooking so we trucked on to my MRI got there I was fine until they called my name then all heck broke loose. Mam can u lay back and close your eyes me "ok" shortly after me "um wait I gotta get up my nose inches " tech ok well u don't have to do this it will be long and u will be in there awhile. Me "ok well can I call u if I need u?". Tech yes sure I will let u out. Well guys I did it its over and from now on I will say yes iam claustraphobic I don't ever want to do that again blah now the wait is on for results 

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