Monday, January 23, 2012

follow up visit

saw the neuro today you know thay did all the normal evaluations had me walk the line, put my arms straight out in front of me went over my list of new symptoms since last visit in june, ordered my follow up MRI of the brain and spine. I have been prescribed baclofen for the cramps in my calfs and my hands I hope this helps because the cramps are messing with my sleep schedule. I ran into people I used to work with today 5 of them to be exact and wow slap in the face seeing them in their uniforms and me in plain clothes just not supposed to be how it is. But hey I have been off work over 2 years now I gotta take care of me , it still hurts seeing them and thinking of how I used to work and the fun we had together goin to lunch, christmas parties, pay bonuses.  It was a busy day I also had my mammo (ladies go out and get it done).