Monday, January 16, 2012

The diagnosis

Diagnosed with MS 2009 after years of symptoms
Then July 2009 right when things
Seemed like they were so perfect
My oldest had graduated high school and was set to go off to college
My youngest was enjoying an active mom
I woke up one day feeling dizzy
Then my eyes felt like someone had put Vaseline on them and it was so cloudy I could barely see what I could see was double
But being the strong me that I am I was like wow this is weird but I probably just have the flu
Then my hearing in my right ear was gone things sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown was talking to me
It helps to have a partner, a caregiver and a friend
I still wasn’t sure so I just layed in bed all day
Next my right side of my body went numb I thought o shoot a stroke huh what no not me not now I was only 37 years old
Went to see my doctor he says well we have to do some tests.
He called my husband and I at home and says “I need you to come into the office”
We were just coming up on 20 years of marriage everything was in order the way we had planned.
So we go in and he says well it’s “MS” Multiple Sclerosis
I am Bipolar have Chronic Fatigue and MS
Having a strong support system has helped me stay strong in this fight to stay in control of MS instead of letting it control ME.
MS has taken away so much but it will not steal my JOY

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