Sunday, January 15, 2012

ME Poem

is it me or do u not see
Is it me or can I be imagining this
Is it me or did my life change in an instant
Is it me or did I really retire at age 40
Is it me or is it wrong for me to ask for 30 min of ur time no I'm not dying but I do feel every moment is a gift
Is it me or if I had an illness that ended in death would there be more awareness made
Is it me or is the burning ever goin away
Is it me or is there a snake wraped around my chest squeezing me til I feel I can't breath
Is it me or am I really walking on pins and needles
Is it me or does my neck really snap crackle POP like rice crispies but painful
Is it me or do I really need a handicap spot to park
Is it me or do I have to avoid heat and cold
Is it me or are there more bad days than good.
Is it me or is the ground really saying hello to me today
Is it me or am I too strong for this disease for others to realize how much I hurt
Is it me or has a CURE for MS been found yet???

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