Monday, February 20, 2012

In denial

The wheelchair my doctor ordered was just delivered it was ordered to help me in times of fatigue and I still want to get out and do things.

Like the mall for Christmas shopping or the amusement park with our son without having to rent a 80.00 scooter wow that was an expensive trip to Disneyland that year.

Well any way why was I happy hubby was taking a lil nap and our lil one was at his cousins when it was delivered and he wouldn't see it?

The answer to that question I just don't have but then on the other hand I complain because my family sometimes acts as if I don't have a disability.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

   I have been having alot of twitching in my hands not my usual tremors, pain in my ribs again and a real hot back kinda feels like someone left the heating pad on high and put it on my back, chocking in my sleep, falling asleep and waking straight up when sitting still for long periods, arm twitching.

   I decided I had enough after 5 days maybe I should see the doctor to see if anything could be done. Well I did see the doctor and as usual I got the same response "Well u know everything you described is classic MS symptoms" There is really not more than what I have done for you that I can do that will make you more comfortable there are no visual problems so no need to start you on steroids because it may not be a relapse it may just be exactly what is known about MS symptoms that come along with the package when your dealing with nerves.

I did get up the nerve to ask for a wheelchair to help with the constant fatigue he did agree and one has been ordered. The walker is good but when walking makes you fatigued it doesnt help much. I will be able to do my MS walk in style

Nova Comet 329 Lightweight Transport Wheelchair
   Now to get up the nerve to let my husband know his wife NEEDS a chair for FATIGUE (he always says well if your tired go take a nap)

    ugh trying to explain to someone that does not have MS is such a hard thing to do when it comes to invisable symptoms. I have tried having him watch the videos EVEN MY VIDEO I MADE he has not seen any of them yet. His theory is it wont change things and if you didn't know you had MS you would not be saying you have all these symptoms. Before you knew you just had a few symptoms now you have so many. I try explaining that I had 8 attacks and with each attack came the new symptoms not sure if he understood that.

I am going with the hope that one day he will meet me half way on this or we may have to think about parting ways.

I have now decided I will not go to the doctors unless it's a visit they initiated or I have visual problems to get help or my annual MRI's.

I fell asleep last night lookin at stuff to buy on Groupon when I woke up realized I almost purchased something oops time to take the card info off

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pens and Needles

I know Jesus had to hurt worse than I do today but wow does this hurt my spine,my face,my hands,my ribs,my back etc hurt like heck just can't be normal for one person to be in so much pain. Made a appointment for Friday to have a look to be sure this is all nerve or MS pain and to see if I need to be given something stronger for the pain OUCH. Anyhow how are u today? because well me I'm not feelin to hot.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hugs that r not fun

Had a great day with an old friend today went to palm springs for lunch and lil gambling wow guess I did too much few hours into it all my ribs tightened my back felt hot ,legs started cramping now mind u when I left home the TN was acting up and my right leg was already spastic needless to say we came home without goin to the movies once again MS has stuck its head in where it was not wanted.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


since the vit D was 19 doc has ordered 50,000 IU of vit D by prescription weekly for one month. The Neuro report on this months MRI says no changes on MRI since June 2011 so no need to change therapy's again will stay on copaxone for now. Lot's of bone pain again today, hand and calf cramps the baclofen has just been increased will see if by the end of the week the cramps are better. I sure hope so. I made dinner tonight well kinda still practicing lol it was edible and not toxic today but would have been better if I remembered to make all the meal not just the meat, whoever invented the canned veggie will always be a winner in my book. Still better than yesterdays burnt vegetable's and frozen chicken fingers.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tub experience

Wow I had taken a 5 hour nap yesterday but why did I fall asleep in the tub with the water still runnin I woke up when my hair got wet :( not a good experience lil frightening I would say wow

Remember you are not alone

I went to a great support group meeting yesterday and what a coincidence they talked about depression it was perfect for me and it reminded me that depression sometimes comes with this disease and sometimes u may need a lil help and its ok.... Before I was diagnosed with MS I was being treated for bipolar disorder for about 12 years and sometimes I kinda forget I have two illnesses and I let the one that is my personality kinda take over and that's ok but when it gets out of control I need to remember to take control of it so as of today I'm in a battle to conquer both no more skipping bipolar meds because the MS pain is too bad. Have a good day all enjoy the super bowl I will let out some stress yelling at my TV :)