Sunday, February 19, 2012

   I have been having alot of twitching in my hands not my usual tremors, pain in my ribs again and a real hot back kinda feels like someone left the heating pad on high and put it on my back, chocking in my sleep, falling asleep and waking straight up when sitting still for long periods, arm twitching.

   I decided I had enough after 5 days maybe I should see the doctor to see if anything could be done. Well I did see the doctor and as usual I got the same response "Well u know everything you described is classic MS symptoms" There is really not more than what I have done for you that I can do that will make you more comfortable there are no visual problems so no need to start you on steroids because it may not be a relapse it may just be exactly what is known about MS symptoms that come along with the package when your dealing with nerves.

I did get up the nerve to ask for a wheelchair to help with the constant fatigue he did agree and one has been ordered. The walker is good but when walking makes you fatigued it doesnt help much. I will be able to do my MS walk in style

Nova Comet 329 Lightweight Transport Wheelchair
   Now to get up the nerve to let my husband know his wife NEEDS a chair for FATIGUE (he always says well if your tired go take a nap)

    ugh trying to explain to someone that does not have MS is such a hard thing to do when it comes to invisable symptoms. I have tried having him watch the videos EVEN MY VIDEO I MADE he has not seen any of them yet. His theory is it wont change things and if you didn't know you had MS you would not be saying you have all these symptoms. Before you knew you just had a few symptoms now you have so many. I try explaining that I had 8 attacks and with each attack came the new symptoms not sure if he understood that.

I am going with the hope that one day he will meet me half way on this or we may have to think about parting ways.

I have now decided I will not go to the doctors unless it's a visit they initiated or I have visual problems to get help or my annual MRI's.

I fell asleep last night lookin at stuff to buy on Groupon when I woke up realized I almost purchased something oops time to take the card info off

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