Sunday, July 8, 2012

facial pain

last two days I have awakened and have only been able to open my mouth bout 1/2 an inch lil scary since I do have TN I know it is to be expected but I just hope it's not my new normal ugh hurts real bad lasts about 30 min then im just left with my normal right side facial and ear pain. Went camping last week for 4 days 3 nights it was lil different unfortunatly it was cold so I stayed fully clothed the whole time while others swam and enjoyed the water I do pretty well with 70 degrees but 60 is a killer for me. Tomorrow me and the 10 year old are goin to visit my newly 21 year old in Boise Idaho he is there for school I text him to ask the weather and ugh I was told it will be in the 100's all week guess I will pack my cooling vest :( guess most activities will be done in the evening. Ya know with MS it's always a challange so I will make the best of it. Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July.
one of my new symptoms is spasticity around my ankles and shins ugh this is very painful still have lots of cramps in my calves and hands but not as bad as the new spasticity. Still taking baclofen for that will see neuro late july. I did get the worst chest hug while camping again this is getting scary every other day it feels like im havin a heart attack.

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