Monday, February 4, 2013

Life didn't promise to be wonderful but Im walking so life is FULL once again

That was me a few weeks ago during an exacerbation that effected my vision in turn effecting my walking my legs felt like jello I used my hands to grab onto things but still at times managed to run into things and fall down. I have been behind in my blogging because I was just busy with family and life outside the computer world. This was day 8 of the exacerbation by day 10 I was not walking more than 2 steps without falling, that's when my husband took me to ER and they gave me IV solumedrol they called it a mega dose (if there is one) I was only there about 5 hours then sent home to rest it took about 5 days and my eyesight and walking were 80% better I was happy with that but the 3 days after that I was 100% better ( well as for my walking and vision that is).  I am still on copaxone daily injections and this was only the 3rd relapse in a years time which for me is great so I can't complain especially since I am once again able to take care of myself and Im not wearing the big easy to put on sweats. Look out world im back.


  1. For some reason on cell phones u can't see the video I attached to this so when u get time log in from your computers n check out the vid or go to YouTube type in Robertsoniiii and it will POP up

  2. I have been there, I feel every step and wobble! Breaks my heart