Sunday, February 16, 2014

Parents Day Out in spite of MS

5 Years #flipagram made with @flipagram Music: Pharrell Williams - Happy (from "DespicabWilsonle Me 2")
the pic of me in the drivers seat before hitting the road to Los Angeles to see Charlie Wilson and Keith Sweat. For a few i forgot about. MS and PN o and TN well that was until i tried a wine cooler oops forgot i cant drink alcohol anymore it woke up every nerve in my body.o well i am learning to have fun at events where everyone else is feeling a little good because they had a nice lil drink before going to a concert the funny thing is i cant dance but then i thought who cares shoot these people just dont know im glad to still be standing on my own two feet though off beat i still danced for myself and my fellow MS warriors that no longer have the ability to stand, walk or let alone dance. I danced for us all. Wearing my baby girl shirt i got from shemar moore web site 

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