Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baby Girls day MS in timeout :)

Had such a good time a couple of weeks ago i met up with girlfriends that I had met in an MS chat room called MS is BS about 3 years ago from the first day we met online we just clicked. Its hard to find someone that understands exactly what your goin through when dealing with a chronic illness but wow I have found 5 people that get ME and get MS. We decided we would do a baby girl photo shoot and it was fun. The hubbies were able to meet for the first time and the kids got to know each other and even roasted marshmallows. MS=Meeting Sensational people. We have met up a few times since we first met 3 years ago but I think they would all agree this day was one of the best.
This is just an example of the photos we took
The pic of us without the baby girl shirts is a pic of the first time we met.  Haha we make MS look good. 


  1. Awesome photographs for what sounds like an awesome experience.

  2. thank u Judy and yes it was an awesome experience we are all on this roller coaster ride together. #msawareness