Thursday, March 15, 2012

Understanding "I want my life back"

I think MS Awareness week has brought more sadness to me than it has joy earlier in the week I was all pumped up now im just a lil confused the more awareness I try to make available to family and friends the more response of "Im praying for you" "Are you working out?" "Are you eating right" "Your not disabled go out and walk because you can yes you will get tired but do it" (im going going,going much I am only home maybe 2 days a week and even then im pushing myself ugh) or they say " I saw this 80 year old woman walking the other day" um ok saying that was supposed to make me feel better well it didn't it made me feel worse because I already know someone older than me can walk further without becoming fatigued or off balance when standing too long, or legs weaken when walking or ribs tightening or the temp effecting their bodies. Huh tired Im not tired Im freakin fatigued WTH they are not getting the messege I am so so freakin tired of no one understanding it's now making me sad again and I don't like feeling like this I hate it , I hate MS, I want my life back right now.
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